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Cast Profiles
Matt Kirby
Making his acting debut in TB&E is 28 year-old Matt. Matt, a familiar face on the Bournemouth Deaf scene, was approached for the role of Lenny during a Redhill pub night. After the experience of the shoot, Matt returned to his day job in IT Support.
William Mager
William (Billy) is no stranger to the world of movies, having written, directed and produced a number of short productions. Prominent amongst those is From The Waterfront, starring TB&E producers Jonathan and Michael Reid. Billy's now turning his hand to professional scriptwriting whilst working as a freelancer on video projects.
Angela Kay
Angela put herself out in front for the role of New Zealander Tara by stating that a Kiwi accent was "something that I've been afflicted with since birth". Angela has experience in making short films herself as well as acting a range of parts and proved herself to be a total pro by emailing preview shots of her wardrobe before the white top/olive cords combo seen in the film was settled upon.
Man With Bag
James Collins
James, a very cool and clean-cut young man in real-life, secured his role with the help of the super-creepy voice he adopted for the character. Originally from Wolverhampton, James is based in London and was able to catch a showing of TB&E at the Croydon Deaf Film Festival.
Mrs Sanderson
Olive Braman
Olive, from London, has been acting for over 30 years, mostly in theatre ranging from Hamlet to Hobson's Choice. Olive impressed so much at her audition she was cast the very next day.
Deaf Hard
John Lewis
Liverpool lad John also makes his acting debut in TB&E. John, a social worker, auditioned for the parts of both Lenny & Steve but impressed the producers so much the role of Deaf Hard was added to the script. Talking of scripts, John's hard at work on his own script, having been bitten by the film bug.
Mark Wheatley
Mark Wheatley
Company director, TV presenter and all-round good egg Mark was only too happy to step up for the Famous Deaf Person cameo. Mark's familiarity in front of the camera stems from his regular stints hosting the debates on BBC TV's See Hear!, a magazine programme for deaf viewers.

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